Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Outdoor Pizza Oven, Wood Fired, 39x39, Made In Portugal, Bread Baking & Cooking

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Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Outdoor pizza oven, wood fired!Insulated, handmade in PortugalGreat for baking pizza and bread and also cooking meat, fish, vegetables!This wood fired oven is a product of hundreds of years of Portuguese traditions, see below how its made.This oven is super-insulated, it can be 900F on the inside and you can still hold your hand comfortably on the outside!Please pick your color - grey or terracotta!Watch this oven in action in the professional hands of a pizza chef in upstate NY: This oven includes a brick arch and chimney with damper.The door is made from sheet steel and consists of 2 part - top and bottom.You can control the air flow with the help of the door and use it for rotisserie spits. The spits are not included, please purchase your own, they are widely available, both motorized and not.the chimney is stainless steellifting eyes are removableThe base of the oven is 100x100 cm (approx. 39x39) The corners are rounded off as pictured.The inside diameter of the oven (cooking area) is approx. 31. The chimney diameter is 6, the weight of the oven is approx. 1200 lbs.The oven is about 30 high.The door is 15.7 wide and 13.7 high in the middle.The core of the oven is made from natural terracotta clay - both the dome and the floor. This is the traditional Pereruela style, meaning its hand rolled day after day layer after layer - see the video on Youtube or email us. The clay core is fired in a pottery kiln for hours under much higher T than the oven will be exposed to in course of regular use. The base is reinforced with rebars and is made from concrete with expanded clay below cooking surface to provide insulation for the floor. The next layer is expanded clay (leca) used widely in Portugal and Spain for oven insulation. It also serves to reinforce the oven. The next layer is rock wool around the dome for insulation. The next layer is chicken wire to hold the rock wool together and to reinforce the cement which is applied on top. The next layer is again expanded clay for further insulation. The next layer is cork - a natural colored spray based on cork (Portugal is the # 1 exporter of cork in the world).There is a temperature gauge in Centigrade. Unlike the gauges on the doors which are useless because the door is open most of the time this one is inserted in the oven itself and therefore always monitors T!Prior to the first use the oven needs to be cured which means running a few small fires a few hours each - we will email you detailed instructions on how to do this. Its a very simple but necessary step designed to eliminate all moisture from the cement covering the oven.Shipping and HandlingShipping within 48 continental states is free!There is no sales tax if the oven is shipping outside of NJ.The oven arrives on a freight truck, with liftgate if going to residence. Someone needs to be home to sign for it. Delivery is to driveway only, the truck driver cannot lift the oven onto the base, he leaves it in the crate on the driveway or nearest accessible ground (curb, garage etc). You are also welcome to pick up the oven from our warehouses in Kearney, NJ and Mississauga, ON. In this case we offer a $200 discount. If you are picking up please email us prior to making the purchase. Paypal is not accepted for local pick up.Canadian buyers please email for shipping quote. We have some of the products in stock at our Mississauga warehouse for quick and border-free shipping. HST applies in Canada.

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