Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Earthstone 160 Modular Wood Fire Oven

$ 8261

This is the largest Earthstone Modular oven this oven is ideal for existing restaurants where its difficult to bring in large equipment Holds 8pizzas - 18 to 20 12 pizzas - 12 to 13 16 pizzas - 6 to 7 Gas Requirements: NA Electrical Requirements: NA Ovens come standard with:4-inch thick advanced refractory elements with superior mass for high thermal resistance.12X12 industrial bakers hearth tiles, Pierre de Boulanger.Includes: Mechanical temperature gauge, Cast aluminum door, Metal entrance plate.Oven heats up quickly for low fuel consumption.Easy to install --- Comes with complete installation video and booklet, operation and maintenance instructions.Hood designed to remove smoke & odors efficiently.Five year limited warranty. Modular Oven Includes:Floor Tiles (49) (7)- 12 X 6 X 1 12 (42)- 12 X 12 X 1 12Oven Pieces: Primary Hood,Dome Pieces(6),Side Wall Pieces(6),Front Entrance Piece,Lower Support Pieces(5),Lower Support Entrance Pieces(2)Steel Entrance Plate (black)Cast Aluminum Door with Teflon handlesDial Temperature Gauge (Range 0-1000F)Refractory Cement (22 lb 10 kg Bag)Galvanized Metal FlashingHigh Heat Silicone TubePlywood SpacersRefractory Cement (container)Package of Fire StartersStainless Steel Pizza Peel4 x 16 Screened VentInstallation Instructions and VideoDVDQuestions give us a call 877-367-6836

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