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Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 31.5 Neapolitan Brick Pizza Oven KitThis is a phenomenal brick pizza oven kit! A work of art. Its built to last a lifetime, your grandchildren will use it. Made at a small factory called Artistica Salernitana outside of Napoli, Italy. Why is this oven so special? You see, most ovens on the market are pre-cast kits made from refractory cement. Pre-cast kits do not have the same look and feel as real brick ovens. On the other hand handmade brick ovens usually come in 1 piece and are therefore super heavy like our own Portuguese ovens at 1200 lb. They are not always an option if your location is not easily accessible. The Neapolitan brick pizza oven kit fills in the niche! Its a real brick oven made in pieces for easy handling & installation. Now you can have a real brick pizza oven anywhere, even if to get there you have to carry it over grass, steps, gravel or through the garage - something not always possible with 1200 lb Potuguese ovens.The quality of this oven is phenomenal. Very carefully crafted, you can see how each brick was laid. No gaps, no cracks. Very high quality materials - brick core, chicken mesh, overlaid with high quality fireclay refractory. Floor is made from volcanic material. We have raving feedback on oven performance. Batches of pizzas in just 90 sec.The oven comes with a simple steel door. Door opening is 16 wide at the bottom. The dome of the oven is made from 2 pieces. The floor - from 4. Floor is 2 thick. For the most part the dome is 4 thick however thickness slightly varies, its all hand made. Approx. weight is 900 lb. The oven has a rectangular opening for chimney. The opening is 10 wide by 5 deep. Incl. the walls its 14 wide by 6 deep. You can connect a clay chimney directly with mortar or you can use a 6 anchor plate (not included but widely available) to connect a 6 steel pipe (stainless steel or black stove pipe).31.5 interior cooking area diameterIn order to finish the oven you will need to insulate it both under the floor (hearth) and over the dome. Mineral board is usually used under the floor and a ceramic blanket over the dome. These materials are included, 1 box of which which is plenty for this size.Because these ovens are completely handmade we only get 20-40 of them per season.Buy it, you wont regret it. Shipping and Handling Free freight shipping in USA except AK, HI, and any islands! Also available for pick up from our Kearney, NJ warehouse at a $200 discount. Paypal is not accepted for local pick up - credit cards only or cash on pick up.

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