Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Authentic Brick Wood Fire Pizza Oven

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Wood Fire Ovens from PortugalShip daily out of Phoenix Authentic as they come Triple insulated, made in a village north of Lisbon. Hand laid brick, Rockwool and refractory cement.Perfect for home or professional use.You will be the neighborhood envy. So much more to cook in here than pizza. Fish, meat, veggies, desserts. Rotisserie capable. Shipping is FREE . There may be a small up charge depending upon set up at delivery end. Traditional styles- either black or brick face:Authentic Pizza Ovens offers genuine hand made wood fire ovens. As authentic as you get- white dome with traditional brick. Check out my other items and watch the video to see how our ovens are made by hand. Details: External dimensions: Width: 98.5 cm 39 in Depth: 98.5 cm 39 in Height: 75 cm 29.5 in Weight: 1250lbs Ovens door: W36cm x H35cm W14.17 x H13.77 Included : - White brick wood fired oven 100X100cm - A product against cracks (it is very normal for authentic wood fire ovens to crack- we provide brush and product ) - Black steel door - Chimney outlet in steel - A thermometer (0 to 500°c) to monitor the temperature inside of the wood fired oven All our ovens are 100% insulated with Rockwool!!! Technical details: Fired Pizza Oven - - International patented model - The dome of this wood fired oven is a kind of Igloo type, this model is designed for all kinds of dishes: Pizzas, bread, roasts, cooked dishes, grills, and others. - To use outdoor and indoor (with proper insulation) - The inside of all our ovens have ROCKWOOL insulation, and the outside are made with refractory cement and 100% natural clay - There is no need of additional exterior insulation - Dome and floor are completely built in refractory bricks - Retains heat, with the door closed, more than 3 hours - Keeps its superb appearance even after many years of use - To simplify ovens shipping and prevent damages, ovens are delivered with a wood frame protection - For professional and domestic use - Traditional Mediterranean style - High quality - Chimney outlet diameter: 14cm - Chimneys available for purchase - FREE SHIPPING (in the continental US). There may require a handling charge depending upon destination set up. We suggest adding insurance to the shipment. If outside the 50 US states- contact us for a quote! :-) Productivity: 30 pizzas hour Pizza Capacity: 2 12 pizzas at a time Wood consumption: 5kgs hour (it depending on the quality of the wood and moisture)

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