Wood Fired Pizza Oven 70x70 Pizza Party:bronze Indoor And Outdoor Use Made Italy

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Wood fired pizza oven Pizza Party Wood fired pizza oven Pizza Party Ebay Store Pizza Party Website Wood-fired-pizza-oven.us Forni-a-legna.com PizzaPartyshop.com Wholesale price We produce and sell directly In traditional distribution systems products price increases due to the intermediate steps that separate you from the manufacturer. Going from the sales representative to the wholesale and finally to the store,the product price normally undergoes an increase of about 50-100%. The savings for those who can benefit from direct sales is that buying directly from the manufacturer you will have the factory price, i.e. the best price!!! Also be supported before, during and after purchase from the producer offers more guarantees, because… who knows best the product better than who produces it? Satisfaction Guaranteed Many customers use Pizza Party ovens every days from 1998. Discover experience and reviews on Pizzamaking.com forum and Ciao.it Ciao.co.uk Facebook Reviews Save money Order direcly by our official shop online and save 5-10% PizzaPartyshop.com Example: Bronze Wood fired oven 70×70 2014 + Home delivery by Fedex + all taxes Included only $1,055.54 limited offer! Fast shipping by Fedex USA and CANADA Home delivery in generally only 5-6 days and all incluse taxes by Fedex express service Contact us for other destination Warranty and Producer assistance Pizza Party produces wood fired oven portable from 1998. More customer use Pizza Party ovens more than 15 years without problem, thank’s high quality of material used. Pizza Party warranty is 2 years, and included in the oven price there are 2 refractoy bricks for guarantee. Moreover Pizza Party provides assistance to any damage during shipment. 14 days refund money. More info.. Pizza Party portable wood fired pizza oven offer: Discover the The most versatile wood fired oven..The first and original portable wood fired pizza oven mobile from Italy! The Primacy by High Quality Certified for your Health In 1998 we designed the first truly wood-fired oven mobile in the world and within the reach of all: Pizza Party 70×70. Mobile wood fired ovens PATENTED and CERTIFIED FOR FOOD USE to ensure the highest quality of the Pizza Party wood fired ovens … and the quality of the food that you are going to cook for you and your family! To achieve high levels of quality, Pizza Party wood ovens is fully insulated by a super ecological insulation, and is composed by aluminum skin, high quality stainless steel, Pizzeria’s refractory bricks and other excellent material to increase durability for indoor and outdoors use. 100 % made in Florence and all material used is certified for food use and made in ItalyCee. Indoor and outdoor wood fired pizza oven with high strength refractory bricks hob (floor). Thanks to the special ecological insulation, to the special coating and to the to exhaust internal geometries, we developed a wood fired pizza oven that is both easy to use and highly functional at the same time. The high efficiency has allowed a reduction of the size, making it compact and convenient maintaining all the qualities of a bigger and bulkier masonry wood fired oven. Easy to carry, thanks to it’s 50 kg (110 lb.) weight, it can be used indoors in winter and outdoors in the summer. Excellent for pizzas, roast meats and desserts, it only takes 2.5 kilograms of fuel for every hour of use (5.5 Pounds per hour). Save money by producer direct sales, and recived you pizza oven directly at home and ready to use. WEIGHT: Lightweight is without any doubt a primacy in the world when compared to its competitors. This deemed crucial in order to be independent in the movements of the wood fired oven. FEATURES: External size: 70 x 70 cm = 0.49 mq (27” ½ x 27” ½) Cook top internal size: 60 x 60 cm = 0.36 mq (23” 58 x 23” 58) Weight: 50 kg (110 lb.) Weight without bricks: 35 kg (77 lb.) Average consumption: 2.5 Kgh (5.5 lb.h) Pizzas at same time: 2 round pizza or a long 55-60cm Avalaible colours: Red, Green, Bronze, Stone, Gunmetal Max temperature recommended: 550 ºC – 1022 ºF Indoor dome material: Stainless Steel 1810! External dome material: Painted Aluminum: easy to clean and long durability By purchasing a Pizza Party 70×70 will have included in the price: Spartifiamma, Alzalegna, regulated flue, traditional door, thermometer, 6 + 2 firebricks This offer is: Pizza Party Wood fired fired pizza oven 70x70 BRONZE + Home delivery by Fedex (5-6 days) + All taxes included only 1099.5 USD You save over 400$!!!!!!!!! Limited offer! High quality certified for food use Wood fired ovens mobile highly versatile, the Professional high quality Certificates for food use! All Material made in ITALYCEE and all wood ovens Patented and Certified for food use to ensure the highest quality and reliability for your business or private use! Buy from the manufacturer and take advantage of current offers: Your wood oven high quality great price! more.. Assistance and best practice to excellent use The Pizza Party producer and expert pizzamaker at your disposal for any question and help you before and after purchase. Many video tutorial for you, All days available to assistance by e-mail. Available to find a Pizza Party customer near to you to speak directly with other customer. Or visit Pizzamaking.com Forum more.. Wood fired oven Pizza Party 52x50 Ideal for those who love travel.. Read more Wood fired oven Pizza Party 70x70 The most versatile wood fired oven.. Read more Large Wood fired oven Pizzone The lightness of the third dimension! Read more Outdoor Wood fired oven Garden location | Wood burning oven in terrace and balcony | Indoor placement Business opportunity Pizza Catering Discover PIZZONE large wood fired pizza oven!

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