Italian Gas Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Available In 3 Dimension And 3 Models

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CONTACT US FOR HAVE PRICE OF YOUR FAVOURITE OVEN WITH DIMENSION YOU NEED CONTACT US FOR HAVE SHIPPING PRICE - IN SOME AMERICAN LOCATIONS WE CAN OFFER FREE SHIPPING BY CONTAINERLOOK AT ALL PHOTO GALLERY FOR SEE SOME OF COMBINATIONS AVAILABLE This is basically a wood fired oven equipped with an ash drawer and fireside cast iron grate as explained previously for the “LP” Range. A digitally controlled under-floor gas burner has been added to this system.The combination of these two wood and gas heating systems optimise baking efficiency. The User, following the dome and bedplate temperatures thermostat indications can manage the oven.• The under-floor gas heating system automatically reaches and maintains the required bedplate temperature. With traditional wood fired ovens it is very difficult to know the bedplate temperature, it is a secret know-how of the Pizza Chef. With the “MIX” oven everyone can see and adjust the bedplate temperature.• When the programmed oven dome temperature decreases alternatively two lamps, one red and one green, indicate to the user whether or not a new piece of wood is to be placed into the oven. • If the green lamp is on the dome temperature is OK, if the red lamp is on it means that a new piece of wood must be placed on the fire. The under-floor burner heating system allows a saving of 50% of wood compared to a similar traditional wood oven thanks to a faster, assisted oven pre-heating phase.The user can also easily balance the oven temperature for large amounts of work.The ovens ”MIX” range can easily be converted to full gas operating ovens if required.With a simple operation it is possible to remove the ash drawer and install the proper dome gas burner as for the “FG” oven range. These ovens are available in four sizes of internal diameter: Ø 100 cm., Ø 110 cm., Ø 130 cm., Ø 150 cm. Standard Model : Standard model has arch bricks and coated sheet , mounted on support stand . Basic Model : The oven model basic, has the finish of the dome made ​​of a special plaster , called Crock - Pesto , an ancient material , with properties highly insulating and breathable , The Crock - Pesto is specially composed following an ancient recipe , mixing together natural materials such as: Quartz, the clay or ocher depending on the color choice for your localAvailable i various colors. Model with dome Mosaic : The top version of our range of ovens , with the dome finely coated with an elegant marble mosaic , using it to build an ancient technique called Palladian .Is possible to have this type of oven in four colors: Red Verona Rosso Antico Travertine Ivory Alps Green Dark Green Botticino White Black SPECIFICATIONS OF OVENS :

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