Concession Trailers - 4x6 Food Concession Trailer

$ 3999

This listing is offers a 4 x 6 food concession for only $3999 and Includes the 4x6 base trailer cost ! Yes, the whole ready to go concession trailer for only $3999. We routinely ship all over the US ! Yes, we do offer small concessions with on board bathrooms ! is recognized for very cool, very well built concessions and are in use in big cities all over the country. Just try to find a work inside concession for less money anywhere on the web ! There are links to video of this concession offered online by be aware that their videos might show units with added windows or added sinks etc.. that might differ from this offer. Rigid sheet aluminum roofing will outlive us all ! 6 gallons fresh 9 gallons waste water tank 12 volt pump Hand wash Sink On demand, tank-less hot water heater (runs on propane and uses very little). Sliding service window is removable for easy cleaning. Customer canopy over service window keeps rain out and customers dry and shaded. Huge stainless steel food prep counter. Shown in Red, but comes in a tan color. changing color, to red or any other, will add $200. Typically 6 week between order and completion dates. If using PayPal or credit cards add 6 weeks. We have had people cancel orders several times through PayPal, with no advance notice, and in our opinion without cause, and PayPal has spontaneously removed many thousands from our account spontaneously and with no advance notice. We now wait for the cancellation option to end before even starting the process which will add 6 weeks to the 6 week process. We have NO TRUST in credit card sales and Do Not Want credit card sales. We only offer the option because we are forced to do so. We routinely arrange shipping all over the US. Quotes on request with zip code- request through BostonConcession online. Speak to us before buying to assure this exact unit is ideal for your intended use. Be sure you want a unit before ordering. Once ordered we will not cancel or refund purchase price ! We will not resale or offer for sale a unit ordered by others. You must receive the unit. Check with your county health department to determine, in advance , that this will be permitted as offered here . You might need more water storage, more sinks, hoods,fans, etc.. or might not be permitted to use one at all in your county. It is your responsibility to assure that this unit, as offered, is suitable and acceptable in your county. If you need something different from the unit specified here, you must order a different unit through the unit offered here can not be altered.

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